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Blueprints For Your Financial Success

“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” Norman Foster

Just as each structure an architect is commissioned to build receives deep consideration of location and intended use, we dedicate significant time to fully understand your personal vision, values and wealth objectives.

The creation of your financial blueprint begins with seeking to understand all aspects of your financial life, including generational wealth, and future wealth creation opportunities. A detailed analysis of cash flow, asset allocation, insurance coverage and existing estate planning enables our financial professionals to tailor comprehensive and tested strategies. Our holistic approach thoughtfully aligns your financial blueprint with your personal, business and family goals.

The pathway to wealth is rarely perfectly linear. Death, divorce, market downturns, and numerous other bumps in the road are not new to SWA. Our financial professionals have been there too. We guide you safely along this journey, drafting uniquely developed blueprints for each client’s success throughout all of life’s issues.

Investment Portfolio Design

Risk Management & Insurance

Asset Protection Strategies

Retirement Planning

Executive Compensation

Business Succession Planning

Planning for Incapacities

Education and Family Support 

Tax Reduction Planning

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